Review – MVMT watches women series – Brown/Gold

Well, well, well. I hope all of you had a nice christmas great start into the new year. I’ll start this year with something I should have done a while ago. I will finally publish a review for the one of MVMTS watches for women, the MVMT Brown/Gold watch for women.

I finally got around gifting one of them to a friend of mine and she was more than willing to write a review for me. And guess what – she was quite happy with the watch. So that record still stands for MVMT. I got to expand my MVMT collection as well with all the crazy sales MVMT had going on over the holidays, so check back for more reviews in the near future, one of them was already published but somehow it is lost again in the matrix.

So let us see what my friend had to say about the MVMT watch:

Perfect for the modern day woman who fancies class yet wants to remain simple

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MVMT women – Brown/Gold watch review

I was asked for a female perspective, so I will try to compile a good assortment of things a style-concious woman would look for in a watch.

When thinking about watches, the style concious woman looks for an elegant time piece. For her, style matters more than anything else. Her time piece must simple yet elegant. It should match well with her outfit and of course, complement her feminine side. And appearently the designers came to the same conclusion, because all those are things that I can see in the watch that arrived packaged in a nice sturdy case. Often times when looking for watches, I find them either to clunky or to cluttered, not the Brown/Gold watch from MVMT. Let us take a closer look:

The Case and Display

The watches case measures 38mm in diameter and 10mm in thickness, so it is about as wide as a US silver dollar and fits quiet nicely around my averaged sized wrist (I am 5’5″ tall). The case is made from polished gold coated stainless steel and the golden color is captured in the face as well. There are non-numerical golden dots on the rim of the face that function as indicators, that makes telling the time easy and unproblematic. Powered by a proven japanese quartz clock, three handles help you with that, both the hour- and the minute-handle are colored in black and the second handle is golden. That was a nifty design choice, since the constant movement may have been unnecessarily distractful with a black handle, but it is no problem with the subtle thin gold handle. You will only notice it when you look for it. At the three o clock position we find a small black on white date inidcator, that’s a feature that I do not really need, but it does not mett with the overall design and who knows … it might come in handy some day.

The interchangeable Strap

You probably haven’t thought about it much but the strap is always the first thing I notice on a wrist watch.
If you ask me, that is where the real craftsmanship is displayed, it is probably the most hand-on part of the prodcution chain.
The MVMT Brown/Gold watch features a dark brown strap with sturdy yet fine stitch work with a lighter brown thread. The nicely tanned genuine leather goes very well with the golden colored case and the golden plated steel buckle. The band is only 18mm wide and together with the rather small case it really looks delicate by design. A really nice feature is the interchangeable band, I already checked the official store and it appears that you can get replacement bands for as low as 8$, that opens whole new stylistic opportunities.

Price – Is MVMT worth it?

You don’t usually come across watches that feature minimalistic design and all the aforementioned features selling for less than $200. At least that’s what I would have guessed. I know you should not look up the price of a present, but I couldn’t help but notice it while shopping for more. It sells at just $115 including worldwide free shipping. Take note and check if any customs apply to you when ordering MVMT watches from the official store.


The urban trendy woman knows for sure that her wrist watch is not just a time piece. It is a fashion accessoire as well. It is never about time alone. It is about making a statement and setting the exclamation point to your outfit. You could probably already tell that I am thrilled with the Brown/Gold for women from MVMT watches. And I want more! Thankfully their shop is filled with other color ways(sadly not yet a MVMT chrono or the MVM 40 series for us women, but who knows what 2016 has in store).

The Gold/Brown version is sadly not in stock untill march 2016, guess I wasn’t the only lucky woman this christmas ;),

but there a bunch of other watches I have my eyes on and I’ll write something about them soon.

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