MVMT Watches – The 40 Series

MVMT watches just announced a brand-new series of watches earlier this week.
That is exciting news for anyone who knows or owns one of their previous products, or anyone who likes well designed high quality watches for that matter.

MVMT 40 Series now available for preorder

It is called the 40 Series (refering to the new diameter size) and you can already preorder them at the mvmt online shop, with the first shipments going out at the 13th of November.
The new 40 series will be available in 12 different unique combinations, with all of them priced between 120-125$(worldwide shipping included of course).

If there was one complaint you guys had, the rather bulky appearance of the original mvmt watches was it. Appeareantly their market research supports my observations, since they made sure to appeal to the crowd that demanded a sleeker product.

Suitable watch for small wrists


MVMT The 40 watch in Rose Gold /w brown Strap

The Rose Gold/Brown version of the new MVMT watch series The 40

In their effort to reduce the size of the watch, while keeping a tidy, minimalisitc design, they were able to reduce the size by about a fifth of the original series. The band is now only 20mm wide, instead of 24mm. The casing comes with a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 7mm, instead of the original 45mm and 9mm respectively.
That noticeable decrease in size will befit anyone that demanded for a smaller watch that better fits their natural wrist size, or people that just prefer their watches more subtle in appearance.

Due to the smaller size, some adjustments were made to the design of the watchface. Apparently they felt like negative space would not work all to well with the decreased size, so they added minute indicator to give the face a more structured feel. They also forwent a date indicator for the same reasons. Altogether they managed to keep up a minimalistic and tidy design, there is no needless clutter and. It is a watch perfectly suited for the professional savvy business look.

A watch with interchangeable wristbands

The silver/black version of the new MVMT 40 series

The new case allows for a quick and easy change of the strap



To further improve on the conceptual design of their watches, they introduced a new quick release technology with the 40 series that allows you to quickly and effortlessly change the band, which you will be able to order online later this month.
This feature opens up a world of new possibilities to make the watch match your unique style.

Available styles and reviews for the MVMT 40 series

MVMT 40 series watch rose gold/tan leather and black/black

The MVMT 40 series has 12 different style options for you to choose from

I will review the newly released series in the upcoming weeks and add the reviews down below.

Right now there are 12 different choices in style and colour.

Rose Gold/Brown Leather
Black/Tan Leather
Rose Gold/Natural Tan Leather
Black/Black Leather
Blue/Brown Leather
Silver/Tan Leather
Silver/Brown Leather
Black/Rose Gold/Brown
Black Metal
Silver Metal
Silver/Black Leather

Order them NOW
Link to the official site.

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