MVMT Watches for Women – Product Spotlight

I must admit I have not yet reviewed any of the four products that are currently available for the fashion-conscious ladies out there. Don’t get me wrong, they do look very nice but I don’t see them working to well with my regular outfits 😉

If you already have one of these watches and are interested in reviewing the watch for our site, feel free to write an e-mail. Many visitors and myself included would look forward to reading your reviews about the MVMT watches.

Anyway I will quickly showcase the four MVMT watches for women that are currently available.

Subtle and Elegant – Shiny understatement

There is the Gold Pearl Leather version, with a 38mm Diameter case made out of shiny gold and the proven hardened mineral crystal. The face consists a custom shell peal dial that allows for magnificent light reflections. The hands aand markers are shiny gold. The 18mm wide beige leather band has a golden buckle and compliments the case design. Overall this is an unique looking watch without much fuss. Suitable for the casual work look or even an classy afterdark event. Available for 115$

Since the first watch had a custom shell pearl dial, let us look at the other models featuring the same.

Gold Pearl

The handles are slightly darker on this model, in combination with the 18mm shiny gold bracelet band this watch looks more serious than the Gold Pearl Leather version. It carries a certain authority, but the shiny gold and the pearl face add a little playfulness into the overall optic of this watch.

Silver Pearl

Silver is generally a colour I would associate with a straight-forward hands-on attitude. This watch will do well in any professional situation as it clearly reflects your work ethics. You are all business – with style.
Even in this design, there are these little touches that stand-out without being too obvious. The pink hand and logo compliment the pearl dial very well and make this watch look extra fancy. For a stunning 125$ this is my personal favorite!

White Rose Gold

Talking about straight-forward, the White Rose Gold model is clearly the watch with the most classic look in the current collection. This is just pure simple elegance. The shiny rose gold bracelet and the solid white dial with rose gold hands and markers add up to a very clean looking classic design.
If you would close your eyes and imagine a simple elegant golden watch, I bet it would similar to this. For 125$ you get all that in the proven quality that MVMT provides with all their products.


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