MVMT Watch review White/Tan Leather for Men

Today on Review of the White/Tan Leather watch from MVMT.

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This one got alot of requests as many people are looking for a new watch to wear during the summer in 2015. And it is easy to see why, it is one of the MVMT watches that makes use of a lighter color palette. That makes it the perfect fit for the long and bright summer days that are ahead of us.

Now 10 days into May we  had the opportunity to test this watch in detail and put it through it’s paces, so to speak.

What we enjoy most about the White/Tan Leather watch is the  captivating elegant design. It’s an overall coherent look that totally has it’s finger on the pulse of time and does not feel antiquated in any way.

The light brown, matte tan leather band builds a nice contrast with the casing that is made out of brushed stainless steel. The case measures as usual only 9mm in height, and 40mm in diameter. Within that we find a beautiful white face with silver handles and markers, those are not brushed and reflect the light in such a way that they do appear darker than the casing itself. The resulting contrast from the reflective handles and markers and the big white clockface, gives this watch a great looking overall appearance.

For only 95$ it definitly punches above it’s weightclass, but we are quite used to that by now. It was MVMTs set goal to build affordable good looking watches after all.

Shipping is always free and there might even  be a coupon for additional discount.

A good watch for the summer

Conclusion: Let’s pretend you wake up after a night out, hungry and hangover but with no desire to make a good breakfast for yourself. After a quick refreshing shover, you throw on some nice light  summer clothes in a bright pastelle color palette. About to head out to your favorite café to start the day, you have your mandatory sunglasses, but there is still something missing. You have to chose your watch – well you could go with the serious overall dark looking watch you would wear to the business meeting. But that would certainly send a mixed message and clash with the rest of your outfit.

Look no further, with this watch in your collection you will have the soltuion for that problem. The White/Tan Leather watch is made for the relaxed leisure time that we all love so much. Wear it at the marina or in the city, on a roadtrip or a wine tasting. This watch will your companion for all the nice things in life.


Get it now at the offical store.


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