MVMT Chrono Series

New MVMT Chrono Series

MVMT watches dropped a big announcement recently that had the fashion world in awe once again. They not only released a new model, no they introduced a whole product line all at once. The MVMT Chrono Series.
It’s good to see that they do rest on their success and do their best to expand their range of fashionable watches.

So what is the New MVMT Chrono Series all about?

For all of you wondering what the difference between a normal watch and a chronograph might be, it’s really simple. Chronographs are watches with a build-in stopwatch.
Originally invented for the pleasure of the King of France Louis XVIII in 1821, who was quite taken with horse racing and wanted a device to measure the exact duration of a race.
Over the time they added some functionality to the original device, like a resettable needle.

With the advance of aviation technology those Chronographs became the trademark for engineers, pilots and astronauts alike.
Thanks to pioneers like watch manufacturer Heuer, everyone who was in need of precise measurements of time had one around his wrist.

The unique look of the Chronographs, with their face-in-face interface and a usually a adjustable bezel around the dial, hit a nerve with the new post world-war society.
Time itself has become a valuable commodity and wearing a Chronograph is proof that you have a handle on that!

Let us have a quick look at the watches in the new MVMT Chrono Series

All the MVMT Chronographs follow the same clockface layout, but differ in the design.
Let us have a look at the Features of the new MVMT watches.

Features of MVMT Chronographs


mvmt chrono features explained

The MVMT Chrono Series Features


  • 1-3. The main dial of the watch is used to set the date (pull it to position 2) or set the time (pull out to position 3). Push in to position 1 after all is set.
  • 4. The button on top of the main dial is used to start and stop the timer.
  • 5. Press to reset the timer.
  • 6. That is where the current date is displayed
  • 7-9. That is where the timer counts the passed time. There is the 60 second timer(8), the 60 minute timer(9) and the 24 hour hand(7).

Now let us look at the different design available in the MVMT Chrono series.


General MVMT Chrono Series design

Despite the added funtionality, the Chronograph Series feature the same dimensions as the classic MVMT watches. The case has a 45 mm diameter and  is 9mm thick. The watch is water resistant up to 5atm, which is considerably more than the classic MVMT watches and appropriate for a Fashion-Chronograph. The band is 22 mm wide and either made of leather or metal.

MVMT Chrono Series Different Designs

Chrono White/Caramel Leather
MVMT Chrono White Caramel Leather

MVMT Chrono White Caramel Leather review

The case is made out of brushed stainless steel and it frames the minimalistic white clockface. The hour markers and handles are made from brushed steel as well, with both the hour and minute handle in a wire-frame design that allows the white face to shine through. Little squares are used as markers and this really brings the design together. It does not feel overwhelming like Chronographs of other manufacturers tend to do.
The caramel leather band has a nice rugged look to it and complements the rest of the design very well. All in all it’s a very good start to MVMT Chrono Series. It is a very coherent design and in tune with usual style we have come to expect from MVMT. It is available for 135$ including free shipping.


Chrono All Black
MVMT Chrono All Black Chronograph watch

MVMT Chrono All Black

The only watch in the new series so far that features a metal band. The band is made from brushed stainless steel in a matte black color. To make sure it fits wrists of all sizes, it comes with extra links that can be added to increase the length of the band.
It uses the same markers and handles as the White/Caramel Leather version, but they are, as the name suggests, all in matte black.
All except the second handle and the date display. Those two elements are held in white and offer a nice contrast to the otherwise all black exterior.
It has an overall subtle strong industrial design and is available for 140$, which makes it MVMT most expensive watch so far.

Chrono Black Leather
MVMT Chrono Black Clockface, black Leather Band

MVMT Chrono Black Leather

If you are a fan of the all black design, but prefer leather to metal, this is the watch for you. It does not differ from the Chrono ALL BLACK other than the band. The leather band does a nice job softening the design up, it definitely has more of a casual feel to it.
It is also a little cheaper than the ALL BLACK version, you can buy it for 135$.

Chrono Black/Tan Leather
MVMT Chronograph Black with Tan Leather Band

MVMT Chronograph Black with Tan Leather Band

You are a fan of the all black clockface, but are looking for more contrast? MVMT made this watch for you. It is very similiar to the Black/ Tan Leather Classic MVMT watch, with the only difference being the missing red highlights. That makes the Chronograph more suitable for professional purposes without losing all the casual charme that it gains from the tan leather band.
Since the Classic Version of this design is one of MVMT best-selling watches, I have no doubts that many people are looking forward to owning of these. The price is the same as it is with for all Chronographs with leather bands. 135$ including shipping from the official website.

Chrono Silver/Black Leather
MVMT Chrono Silver-Black with Black Leather

MVMT Chrono Silver-Black with Black Leather

MVMT always did a great job of offering a wide variety of design options. Little changes with great effects. By mixing the elements of the Black Leather and the White/Caramel Leather version they created the Silver/Black Leather Chronograph.
And what a great choice it was. The case, handles and markers all made from brushed stainless steel offer a great contrast to the black face and black leather band.
Overall this might be the go to Chronograph for your evening wardrobe, with it’s classic combination of colors and minimalistic design.
It’s also available for 135$.


In-depth reviews will follow once review examples arrive. I hope that short overviews helped some people guiding through the new productline anyway. If you decide to order one of these, let us know what you think!


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