Buying and Importing – Delivery, Customs and Regulations

Where to buy MVMT watches when in Australia, UK or the rest of the World?

The best way to buy a mvmt watch for people around the world is definitly the official store on their website
The MVMT marketing campaign is build to engage heavily targeted potential customers over social media. The customer they target, is comfortable on the internet and knows where to get what he wants. Part of the reason they can offer their products so cheap compared to the competition, is the lack of any middle man that dips in the small profit margin.

But since the product has become so popular many retailers are eager to get their hands on the MVMT watches.

Buy MVMT watches in local stores

For people in the USA there is now the possibility to get a stylish watch from MVMT in a local retail store, right now Urban Outfitters is the biggest fashion store chain to sell MVMT watches. Since that is a global chain, chances are that people in other parts around the world will soon have the opportunity to purchase those in a local store as well.
There is a store locator on the official site, with an ever growing index of stores that carry MVMT products.

Buy MVMT watches on

Many people prefer ordering products through amazon as it has established itself as the number one online-shop in the world. And by popular demand MVMT decided to open their own shop on amazon, the prices are the same and shipping is free as well. Orders are fullfilled by amazon and most people will be familiar with the process.
So if you prefer to do all your shopping at one place, there is almost no downside from just ordering on amazon.
The one downside is that you want get to use the discount codes that are published quite frequently, they also often do special sales on their official homepage.

Ok, you are on the Offical Page and ready to order. What now?

Have you signed up for our newsletter and got the coupon ready? If not,  just do it quickly in the box on the right and you will get 10$ off your order. And now the BEST thing, we give away one FREE MVMT Watch every month among our subscribers.

But now back to the order…If you are an US citizen you don’t have to worry about any of this, just go ahead and order. Customs and taxes are nothing you have to worry about. Just order and expect your delivery to arrive within the next few days.

Buying MVMT Watches from Europe, Australia or Asia

Now that the US citizens are not reading anymore, we can directly adress the issues you will be facing. But first let us aknowledge that MVMT watches offers free international shipping on all orders. That means, whether you want it delivered to the UK, Australia or even Russia, it is totally FREE. As far as MVMT is concerned you only have to pay the actual price of your products.

So you went ahead and ordered, what is happening now?

Custom regulations vary from country to country, so it is advisable to check before your order, if any additional custom duty or taxes(VAT or GST) will apply to your order. Generally there is a custom exempt amount that would allow one watch without any additional custom charges. The sales tax for your country, you most definitly have to pay. This should be anywhere from 10-25% depending on what country you are currently residing in. To make it easier for you, you can check your countries regulations down below. Follow the link below to find your countries duty and sales tax regulations:

Duty and Tax Calculator

 Duty and GST when Importing MVMT watches  to Australia

Good News when you are ordering from Australia! If your Order is below 1000AUD of value, you do not have to pay Duty or Taxes at all. Check the official Governemnt Guidelines for more Information.

 Duty and GST when Importing MVMT watches  to the UK

You are currently residing in the UK and want to order a MVMT watch? If your order value is below 120GBP there will be no additional customs charge, you still have to pay the VAT which for this type of goods is 20% on top of the original order price.

If your order surpasses the Value of 120GBP, you will have to pay additional 2.5% customs duty, but only if those 2.5% are over 9GBP. It is a little complicated, but as an example:

You order MVMT watches for 300GBP, with the VAT added it will be 360GBP, the duty fee would be 360/100*2,5 = 9GBP

That is still within the threshold and you would not have to pay it. Any order above 300 GBP would have to pay a duty fee.

Since the shipping is free, size your orders accordingly to save yourself the custom fees.

Check the official Guidelines for more Informtaion.


The order is placed and you received your tracking code – what now?

The orders will arive anywhere in the world within at, the very most, 10-14 days usually it’s rather 7-9 Days. Now if you are lucky and your package will be directly dispatched to you and it’s on you to pay the additional fees if there are any.
But let us not kid ourselves, most likely you will have to go to the custom offices and get your package. While you are there, you will have to pay any custom or sale taxes that may apply before receiving your order.

You will end paying additional 20$+(dependant on the size of your order of course) but you finally have the package in your hands.
Considering that the shipping is free(with other stores you pay anything upwards of 15$ for international shipping), this is still a good deal on all their watches. Take the Coupon for additional 10$ less and it’s barely noticable.

They will offer occasional seasonal sales, like the most recent christmas and valentines day sale, or even some random flash sales. If you are waiting for those it’s best to regulary chec ktheir offical homepage or sign-up for the newsletter and we will keep you up to date. You even have the option to win a watch and that every month!

I have seen MVMT watches on other shopping platforms like amazon or ebay, should I buy from them?

Sure, if you found a good deal on a used MVMT watch go ahead and check the offer out. I don’t know why anyone would want to get rid of one, but crazier things have happend. If the products are advertised as new, you have a good chance of buying a replica MVMT watch. YOu could also get an original one and up paying more than in the official store.

The guys are serious about keeping their business in house, the profit margin is so small, it is simply not worth it for the resellers to compete with the official prices. This is the only way small start-ups have a chance to establish themselves among the big competition on that scale and you will see that quite often in the upcoming years. So there is no way to get MVMT watches in a local store. Wherever you are in the world, be it Australia or the UK, you have to buy it in the official webstore of MVMT.

I hope we could answer all your questions. If there are any left, feel free to write an E-Mail or subscribe to our newsletter, where we will  regularly collect all the answers and questions before we make a Homepage-Entry out of it!

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