Watch manufacturer of indigogo-Fame on it’s way to become a Global Bestseller.



MVMT Watches (short for movement) are rapidly gaining popularity around the world and are some of the most sought after accessories in the fashion industry today.

Is it just the latest overhyped trend or are they really a threat to established watch manufacturers like seiko, victorinox, armani, timex or all the other brands that dominate the watch market since forever? Is it really the best modern watch you can buy in 2015?

We took an in-depth look at this fresh start-up from California and reviewed the mvmt watches that are already conquering the fashion world.

On the following pages you will find reviews and spotlights of the hottest men and women watches in 2015.

Shipping Costs, Delivery Time and Coupons – Everything you need to know about the official MVMT-store

MVMT Watches Reviews – All the new stylish accessories released by MVMT. Revies for the trendiest watches 2015. We cover all Men and Women watches.

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Most successful Indiegogo campaign of it’s time

How did it all start? Visiting the official website of MVMT, one could suspect that this is only the latest brand of an established Lifestyle Company. But despite the professional presentation, it only really just started recently in a garage in Silicon Valley, Califonia.

Sounds familiar? It has been the epicenter of technilogical advancements for multiple decades now, but only in the last 15 years has Silicon Valley become the creative heart of the modern world.

We have been through a fundemental lifestyle-revolution in this new Millenia and MVMT watches is the self-proclaimed next logical step. After the smart technology has so fundamentally shaped the perception of Design in the new modern world, the fashion indsutry seems to have a hard time catching up.
The founders of MVMT took it upon themselves to catch the fashion industry up to the current trends.
It was in 2013 when 2 guys decided to do something about the lack of affordable fashionable watches, in the need of funds to realize their dreams they turned to the internet community. The resulting indiegogo campagin shattered all their expectations. They started with a modest gal of 15.000$, but the campaign resonated so well with the fashion-affinados around the world that in only a few weeks they managed to collect over 215000$ which was an impressive amount for 2013 and the most successful fashion campaign of it’s time on indiegogo.

successful indiegogo camapaign ad

Nobody at MVMT expected that much support, with the funding secured and the confidence in their idea strengthend they set out to fullfil their promise: Making watches that are stylish and affordable!

You might see some of the old manufactures that offer some stylish watches, but they let you pay extra premium for that. Jake and Kramer, the founders of MVMT watches, were tired of the high prices  for fashionable watches. They were now ready to release their own line of products that are both stylish and affordable. It was not long until the brand hit the market…


Revolution in the Fashion Industry? The unique MVMT Business model

Just one and a half years later, their brand has become the hottest commodity in the fashion industry. With the help of social media and their large base of active and engaged supporters they continue to trend on social media. Even featuring their only trending Hashtag #JoinTheMVMT

Their store now features 13 different men watches and 4 watches for women, but what is in store for the future?
They already announced their ambition to expand further in the world of Fashion and Lifestyle and expand their portfolio beyond wristwatches.

Their vision is one of the driving forces behind their companies success, asked about his motivation Jake responded:

We had one mission, cut out the brand inflation and retail markup of popular name brands. We got frustrated paying hundreds of dollars for name brand watches, knowing they only cost a fraction of the price to make. We launched our first collection on Indiegogo, the worlds 2nd largest crowd funding website. Within 50 days we surpassed our goal by more than 1,400% making us the second most funded campaign ever in the fashion category.Jake Kassan

His message is clear: Use the passion they have for watches and stop the highly inflated markups in retail.

Increase the value for the customer by lowering the profit-margin

Up until now the industry was used to markups well over 800% – yes you heard that right. So Jake and Kramer knew that they could greatly improve upon the price without sacrificing any of the quality.

To really stand out from their competitiors like Armani, Diesel, Festina and Timex they had to adhere to their own basic principles:

metal band mvmt watch for men
    • A stylish design that stays current with the technological lifestyle design and integrates seamlessly in both leisure and workplace  attire.


    • Establishing a production chain that is in tune with the ethical and moral standards and meets highest requirements concerning the quality of manufacturing, the quality of the source materials.


    • Cut the profit margin down to offer the products for less than half  of what their competition demands for similar products.


Quite a task to accomplish – They had to create the perfect watch for our busy generation that has its professional life so closely intertvined with their off-time, like no generation before. They needed watches that are appropriate in every occasion, something one can wear at the business meeting and at the after-work party when it’s time to let lose.

Simply (re)establishing the watch as the elegant fashion accessoire that it used to be and that it deserves to be. For that it had to be affordable and stylish.

MVMT Watches Review


Is it the real deal? We spent our fair time with the products testing them day and night to bring you the best MVMT watch reviews on the internet. You can find the reviews we published so far here:

Watches for Men and Women

Where to buy MVMT-Watches

That is the most impressive thing in the business model of MVMT, from the start they made their product globally available through their official internet-store.
With the profit margin so relativly low, this was one of the major reasons for their meteoric rise. Being a global brand from day one, the number of potential customers more than quadrupled.

And it is a hit in urban environemtns around the globe. The minimalist design does not clash with the smartphone in your hand and appeals to the style-conscious crowd of today. It’s the world of entrpeneurs and modern day hipster-hustler that is more inclined to spend a hundred dollar or less instead of 300$.
From the bohemian to the businessman, the MVMT watches are a hit around the world. In fact, the majority of customers is not from the USA.

High-quality Engineering

The passion for watches is not only limited to it’s desgin though. It is the fine detail and precision that has more often than not been the root for peoples fascination with watches.
Finding the right high quality parts for their watches was very important to both the founders. The decided to go with the Miyota Japanese Quartz 3 Hand, it is produced by Citizen and you will find it in many highly-priced watches.
The watches for men feature a case made out of stainlessteal with a diameter of 45mm and scratch resistant, shockprotected hardened crystal. The band can be either metal or tan and is 24mm wide.
The women watches only differ in the diameter length of the case and band, they are 38mm and 18mm respictvely.

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We wanted to see, how the MVMT products are actually received in the world. How did people responds to the fashion statement on our wrists in everyday life?
What did actual product owners have to say about their recent purchases?

You will find all that, plus our personal reviews in our review-section.

All the information regarding regarding shipping and importing can be found in the shipping & customs section.

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